How to Plant Daylilies

Planting daylilies is an easy task. However, the great vision that you have for your garden, needs a bit of necessary planning. Do not get scared. Just read on!


Time to plant!
Spring and fall are good time for planting daylilies. However, you can plant them at any time provided the ground is frost-free.

The choice of tenders

First, think of the colors that you want in your garden. Once you’ve decided, make your choice of daylily varieties. Check your pockets and go get them. I assure you, you will definitely find them, for daylilies come in almost every color and shade. Planting daylilies is a colourful adventure!

Choice of place

Of course the garden is the place you choose. However you can think of the sides of the house and also your living room. Some of the varieties are exclusively bred for interiors. Keep some dark colored ones for the sides of the house, for they need some partial shading. As for the other ones, plenty of sun will make them happier and more colourful. So choose a place where your garden gets the most exposure to sunlight. Also, if possible, do not plant them near bushes or trees. They do not like competition!
A wise thing to do would be a soil test done in the chosen places. To do so, send a sample of soil to the nearest lab and get the results. Keep them handy.

Plan the landscaping

A pre-planned landscaping will make the process of planting daylilies quicker. Make your own unique design in mind or on paper. Since daylilies can be planted in lines as borders or in beds you have plenty of options.